If your business spends a significant amount of money each year on promotional products, Imperial Promotions’ Private Store solution may be right for you.

We offer private stores with all the unique business rules needed to manage both purchasing agents and employee shoppers.

Our online stores are fully integrated e-commerce sites that put you in complete control of your branded merchandise programs. By directing all product purchasing through your private store hosted and managed by Imperial Promotions, we ensure quality control and cost containment.

If you want to give your employees, school students or organization members an easy way to buy products while you maintain the integrity and look of your brand, consider setting up an online company store. Company stores allow you to preselect specific products and approve the use of your logo, so anyone in your group or organization can easily log on and place an order with your official logo or name, at any time.

An online company store eliminates the need for you to keep inventory, take orders and manage purchases yourself. Company stores are an especially good option for letting your employees order corporate wear or for schools, groups, or organizations to sell their branded merchandise.

Imperial Promotions will assist you in identifying and customizing products that meet your business and marketing goals.

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